Best Chinese Resveratrol suppliers In China

Jiangsu Elitech Biochem Limited is among the renowned resveratrol suppliers in China. Some of the major products that we proudly offer are:

2 6-Dichloro-5-Fluoronicothinic acetate  and more. To know more about our offerings, hit the “Our Products” section. These are all the products that always remain high in demand.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is known as the significant product of Elitech. It is an antioxidant that is believed to cure heart diseases and various cardiovascular diseases. At present, Elitech sells resveratrol to Tianjin, Shanghai, Beijing, and other provinces of China.

Also, through our website, we are gradually reaching the international market. For that, we are launching to export our products to other international regions to compete with other resveratrol suppliers.

Why We are Known as the Best Resveratrol suppliers

Our course of development is based on encouragement, constant guidance, support, and care between our partners, clients, and industrial experts. We remain grateful for the robust strength of these relationships.

A Recognized Brand

Currently, we are at a level of national brand recognition. Similarly, we continue to expand gradually with our sales network throughout China. Our growth has made us believe that we can conquer the overseas markets.

Our main goal is to get a tag of ‘internationally recognized brand’ in the herbal and chemical industry.

We Honor Your Time and Investment

We believe that success depends on passion. Hence, we commit to each of our customers to ensure our product is worth their investment and time. We ensure value for money by hiring skilled experts and professionals from other resveratrol suppliers.

Customer-Centric Resveratrol Suppliers

We have an unshakable belief that client-oriented businesses grow effectively than others. Thus, our main aim is to offer maximum satisfaction to our customers through our flawless resveratrol and other products.

Talking about clients, we also make sure they get their order in time. We have clients who have a wide range of consumers. So, if their order gets delayed, they can suffer big time. Customers’ loss is our loss. Therefore, we ensure the timeliness of the order.



Appearance:Pale-yellow to white powder


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