High Quality Flufenacet Suppliers in China

Jiangsu Elitech Biochem Limited is among the leading flufenacet suppliers in China. Due to our competitive pricing and high-quality production, we are rated among the top players among our competitors.
Elitech initiated its venture in 2012 as a chemical producing company to provide its clients with quality chemicals. We strive to offer our clients quality and cost-effective flufenacet for every relevant industry.

We know to Whom We are Selling

We remain aware of the fact that every organization operates with a unique mindset and has a distinct capacity to send the order. Thus, we offer personalized solutions for our platform for e-commerce platforms and trade companies.
• We remain informed about:
• Buyers’ scale of operation (small or large scale)
• Where the buyer is located
• What order size will we receive

Our Corporate Environment

Our company’s dynamic environment ensures maximum focus on distinct quality flufenacet to offer our clients productivity, assistance, quality, and expertise. The amalgamation of skills, expert efforts, and experience cause our organization to advance at a rapid pace compared to other flufenacet suppliers in the industry.

We are Among Innovative Flufenacet Suppliers in China

To innovate and continuously develop ourselves as a competitive organization is our main agenda. Innovation is what we live on.
We are innovating continuously and thriving to offer our markets cost-effective solutions for their agrochemical requirements. Continuous growing demand has enforced us to expand from our core Chinese market into new markets.
Apart from China, we are growing leaps and bounds outside China through our online sales. We know the power of internet marketing and we are catching up with other flufenacet suppliers in this respect.

Three Pillars of our Success

• Quality

• Market Price

• On-time Delivery

To support these pillars, we have a team of consultants, formulators, and suppliers that share our values.
Through our team of experts and quality control lab, we look after our quality of products. Further, we have a dedicated finance team which decides at what price on which we can compete with other flufenacet suppliers.
Similarly, we know clients get satisfied when they get their orders on time. Therefore, we keep our transporters on their toes so that the timeliness of the order does not get disturbed.


CAS  Rn:142459-58-3

Molecular Formula:C14H13 F4N3O2S

Molecular Weight:363.33



Appearance Off-white to white powder
Purity ≥98.0%
Melting Point 75~77°C(Dec.)
Moisture ≤0.50%

Application:Used for weeding crops.


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