Bromaminic acid


Top Quality Bromaminic Acid Supplier in China

Jiangsu Elitech Biochem Limited is a leading bromaminic acid supplier in China. The acid is used widely in the production of reactive dyes acid blue. We also offer our products including this acid as per customers’ needs.

Delivering Chemicals that You Need

Elitech is proudly selling various chemicals to our notorious clientele. We are offering chemicals entailing:

  • Food additives
  • Pharmaceutical intermediaries
  • Dyestuff intermediaries

Wide Range of Customers

For Bromaminic acid, we have a wide spectrum of clients. We serve small to medium and large scale businesses that require our products. Similarly, we are catering to different e-commerce shops and businesses.

Due to our human and manufacturing resources, we can handle bulk orders as well. In a meager of less than ten decades, we are seen as among the top bromaminic acid suppliers in China.

What Sets us Apart


Wide range

We offer a range of products. If you are operating in the pharmaceutical industry, then we can the best fit for each other.

Technological Upgradation

Apart from ethical business, Elitech thrives on technological up-gradation. We believe that advancement can only be done on the basis of recent technology.

Unparalleled Human Resource

Our industry-dedicated professionals offer proactive assistance and support. We connect you to the right solutions to help you win customers.

Reliable bromaminic acid Supplier

We believe in:

Giving customers the benefits of vast access to products

Continuously enhancing our business model to offer the highest level of reliability, service, and timeliness of deliveries, while offering competitive price

Providing a wide range of innovative services

Constantly improving on safety processes and sharpening our evaluation, recognition, and control of hazards

Our Executional Excellence is Unmatched

Our exemplary execution is all due to continuing investments, carefully drafted processes, and close coordination between different teams.

Through state of an art manufacturing facility, we can deliver your order in the minimum lead time possible.

We offer top-notch bromaminic acid to improve your business and help you respond more nimbly to market conditions.

CAS Rn:116-81-4

Molecular Formula:C14H8BRNO5S

Molecular Weight:382.19



Appearance Red Crystalline Powder
Assay(以382计) ≥90.0%
Purity ≥99.0%
Melting Point >300℃
Water ≤4.0%
Impurities ≤1.0%

Application:Dyestuff intermediate


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