Lithium Carbonate Battery Grade Supplier

Lithium Carbonate is produced from hard-rock deposits or brines. The last few years have been full of excitement as the Lithium Carbonate Battery Grade is the talk of the town. The battery market is growing steadily after Lithium is introduced.

It has revolutionized the way energy was used before. The demand for the Lithium batteries for all applications like cell phones. E-bikes, vehicles, and many others. This demand naturally makes it difficult to find the reliable Lithium Carbonate Battery Grade Manufacturer. We assure you that you’ll find the best services and products from elitechbio. We provide the complete solution regarding battery grade.

CAS Rn:554-13-2
Appearance:Colorless monoclinic crystal or white powder
Package:20kg/plastic bag lined with PE bag



Li2CO3 ≥99.5 ≥99.9
Na ≤0.025 ≤0.002
K ≤0.001 ≤0.001
Mg ≤0.010 ≤0.001
Ca ≤0.010 ≤0.003
Al ≤0.005 ≤0.0005
Fe ≤0.002 ≤0.0005
Ni ≤0.003 ≤0.0005
Cu ≤0.001 ≤0.0005
Pb ≤0.001 ≤0.0005
SO42- ≤0.080 ≤0.003
Cl ≤0.005 ≤0.002
Mn ≤0.001 ≤0.0005
Si ≤0.005 ≤0.004
Zn ≤0.001 ≤0.0005
H2O ≤0.400 ≤0.400
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