1. L-selenomethionine

CAS Rn:3211-76-5
Molecular formula:C5H11NO2Se
Molecular weight:196.106



Assay ≥96%
Appearance Off-white powder
Melting Point 265℃
Selenium is a necessary element to maintain normal growth and reproduction of human and animal. It has a wide biological functions and other applications. It is important to human or animal in their growth, reproduction, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti-stress, improving immunity and treatment of nervous system-related diseases. Selenomethine is an organic selenium source as an organic form existing in plants and grains in nature, it is a selenoamino acid structure of selenium. It is the main form of organic selenium in selenium yeast. Compared with inorganic selenium, selenomethionine has the advantages of safety and high efficiency, and is more suitable for metabolism of organisms. It can replace some methionine to combine body proteins to form a reversible selenium storage, it can meet the organism’s strain as the increasing demand for selenium, without the risk of poisoning.


  1. Increase the body’s antioxidant capacity and enhance immunity.
  2. Mediate the synthesis of iodothyronine deiodinase in human body or animal, to avoid the decrease of production performance due to iodine deficiency.
  3. Enhance sperm motility and improve reproductive ability.
  4. Adjust body immunity, enhance anti-virus ability and protect liver.
  5. Increase the content of selenium in animal products (meat, eggs and milk) and increase its nutrition.
  6. Increase the storage of selenium in the maternal body and provide more selenium to the fetus.
  7. It can excrete the metal-selenium-protein compounds from the body, to remove the potential health hazards of Hg, Pb, As and other heavy metals in feed or environmental pollution.
  8. It is good at preventing tumor, to activate tumor suppressor gene p53, promote abnormal cell apoptosis, or block cell replication.
  9. Enhance body stability and reduce skin moisture loss.

Package:25kg/Carton, stored at room temperature in the original unopened container.

Shelf Life:24 months

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