Usage And Benefits Of D-Panthenol


D-Panthenol is a common product used in skincare and hair care products like hair sprays, shampoos, cosmetics and others. It is basically a form of Vitamin B5, and it can be found in plants. FDA deemed it safe so, it is widely used. The humectant-like properties make it easy to be absorbed by the layers beneath the skin.

Usage In Ointments

It can aid against the mild burns, insect bites, sunburns, and cuts when it is mixed with allantoin that’s why it is also used in the ointments and personal care products. It also reduces skin irritation and itching, decrease inflammation and improves hydration of the skin. The antimicrobial properties of D-Panthenol make it the perfect ingredient for the personal care products and in anti-acne products.

Usage In Cosmetics

The manufactures of the cosmetics and skincare products often prefer to buy the ingredients than producing all of them. The extensive usage of the vitamin makes it a profitable product for every D-Panthenol manufacturer as every leading cosmetic brand is after it.

It is used in hair care products for coating and sealing hair moisture in the strands and bind the follicles by lubricating them. The lubricating properties of D-Panthenol make the skin smooth and soft. It is also used in the treatment of chemically damaged hair.

It is also known as the pantothenic acid, and apart from the Food and Drug Administration, the Vitamin has also been reviewed by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel. CIR deemed it suitable for use too.

Aids Skin In Many Ways

It supports the skin in many ways including maintaining the strength of the outer layer and infusing the cells with the essential nutrients to fight against environmental toxins. D-Panthenol manufacturer produces it synthetically by combining propanolamine and beta- dimethylbutyrolactone, and it is considered environmentally friendly as no animals or plants are harmed during the process.

The vitamin B5 strives to manage the healthy levels of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are the most prolific cells in the connective tissues of the skin. The healthy levels of these cells boost the collagen and elastin, both of these proteins keep the skin glowing and even toned.

End Note

With a wide usage in the industries like skincare, hair care, pharmaceutical and cosmetics the D-Panthenol is a valuable vitamin. However, the production of the vitamin is critical, and special attention is needed to carry out the production process. Specific certifications are required in order to manufacture and supply it.