Elitech Biochem

Supreme Quality Products

We have been providing quality products like 4-Nitrophthalonitrile, 2 4 chlorobenzoyl benzoic acid, p-Hydroxyphenylacetic acid, Phloroglucinol with the utmost trust of our clients. The critical application of our products in various industries like pharmaceutical, and food it becomes imperative to deliver the best quality only.

Elitech Biochem is known as the leading D-Panthenol Manufacturer, Pyridoxine Tripalmitate Manufacturer, 2-Methyl-6-nitroaniline Manufacturer, and 3-Nitrophthalonitrie Manufacturer. The quality controls are strict, and our team follows all the precautions needed for the production.

As the prominent Lithium fluoride High Purity Supplier, and Lithium Carbonate Battery Grade Supplier, we are proud to announce that our products are the best in the market.

About Us

In 2012, Jiangsu Elitech was established in Taixing Chengdong Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China.

Our Business Range: API, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Food Additives, Cosmetics Materials, Feed Additives, etc.

Our professional R&D team can provide product customization services such as 10g-100kg experiments.

Our manufacturing quality meets the standards of National Environment and Safety Supervision departments.

We have an experienced management team in products processing and quality control, with long-term stable production and processing capacity.

Our Company

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